Introducing GAP: The Generic Assistance Program

NeedyMeds has always been a leading resource for information on patient assistance programs to help cover the costs of brand name drugs. There are hundreds of programs providing free or low-cost brand name medication, but there is yet to be an assistance program to help with the cost of expensive generic drugs. It is a common misconception that generic medications are all inexpensive. The truth is that there are many that cost hundreds of dollars per year, and are essential to the health of many people. With the help of Rx Outreach, the largest non-profit pharmacy in the country, NeedyMeds is launching a first-of-its-kind generic medication assistance program, called GAP (Generic Assistance Program).



The Generic Assistance Program will offer nearly 20 generic medications at no cost to people who meet program eligibility guidelines. The guidelines include:

  • Must have no prescription coverage for needed medication
  • At or below 100% Federal Poverty Level
  • Must be US citizen, legal entrant, or have a work visa


NeedyMeds and Rx Outreach provided the initial funding for the program and have launched a crowdfunding campaign on HEALfundr to expand GAP in the future. On top of that, contributions made through HEALfundr will be matched up to $50,000! We are hopeful that individuals, organizations, and generic manufacturers will see the value of this service and donate to help us expand and take advantage of the current matching program. The funds raised will be used to pay for a year’s worth of an offered generic medication for those in need.

Click here for program details or read the official press release here. Donate to the HEALfundr campaign! Sign up is completely free and donations are secure. Remember: every donation—whether it’s $5 or $50—will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

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