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We’re wrapping up 2014 here at NeedyMeds, and it’s been a big year for us. We have kept true to our original mission to provide information on programs that help people who can’t afford medications and healthcare costs, and have expanded in the interest of offering more direct assistance to those in need.


The year started with a redesign of our website. Later that January, we launched a unique crowdfunding platform called HEALfundr. Using HEALfundr, people can raise funds for verified medical expenses that will be paid directly with the crowd-raised funds. HEALfundr is the only crowdfunding platform to verify campaigns and pay bills directly, giving confidence to donors that they will not be victimized by fraud and relieving the stress of handling incoming and outgoing funds for those in need.


This past May we released a new web-based tutorial for those looking to learn how to find help for patients facing problems affording their medicine or other healthcare costs called Patient Assistance Resource Education (PARE). PARE is ideal for patient advocates and healthcare workers looking to utilize resources like NeedyMeds to the benefit of their patients.


In August, NeedyMeds launched the first-of-its-kind Generic Assistance Program (GAP) in collaboration with Rx Outreach, the largest non-profit pharmacy in the country. GAP is designed to help those unable to afford certain expensive generic medications by providing them at no cost for one year to those who qualify. With initial funding coming from NeedyMeds and Rx Outreach, GAP is also open to funding through its own special HEALfundr campaign and through signatures to the Access Our Medicine Declaration—an initiative aimed to raise public awareness and engagement in the problem to access affordable medicine.


2014 marked the expansion of some of our existing programs. Our PAPTracker software has been available to organizations offering application assistance for years; this year we started a grant program to cover the cost of the software for eligible non-profits. We continue to grow our databases of Diagnosis-Based Assistance (DBAs), Free/Low Cost Clinics, and Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) through dedicated research, and offer up-to-date information on assistance online and our toll-free helpline (800-503-6897). The NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card has saved people almost $40,000,000 on their prescribed medication in 2014 alone.


For the second year in a row, NeedyMeds was selected by The NonProfit Times as one of the top 50 best non-profits to work for in 2014 in the country. We have also received the new honor of being named a Top-Rated Nonprofit for 2014 by


Finally, in keeping with our various expansions, this December is our last full month in the current NeedyMeds office. By the end of January, we will have relocated to a new building with more space and functionality for our call center and research team. Keep an eye out for new NeedyMeds databases and projects coming in 2015. We have information on affordable MRI/imaging centers as well as resources for $4 generic medications coming soon.


We wish you all a happy 2015 from everyone at NeedyMeds.

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