National Autism Awareness Month

In recognition of National Autism Awareness Month, we at NeedyMeds want to share the information and resources available for those in need and spread acceptance of those on the autism spectrum. In a previous blog post, we outlined what is known and the information available for those with a family member who has autism. With approximately 1% of the world’s population falling somewhere on the autism spectrum, it is not only important to be aware of the resources and to know the information, we must know how to be accepting and understanding of those with special needs.


NeedyMeds has information on several resources available to children with autism and their families designed togive them access to the same activities and opportunities as other people.  There are camps and retreats for those with autism  and Asperger syndrome that encourage acceptance and compassion. With trained professionals and low camper-to-counselor ratios, these retreats give those on the autism spectrum the chance to experience community and fun in a safe environment. There are also scholarships available so people on the spectrum can continue their education free of limitations.


For families facing an autism diagnosis together, there are various types of financial assistance available in the Diagnosis-Based Assistance area of our website. Having special needs or the responsibility of caring for one who does isn’t something anyone would ever ask for, but it is nothing to be ashamed of. Widespread awareness and consideration are as important as any form of assistance, and can mean the most to those in need of it.

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