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One often overlooked resource on the NeedyMeds website is our listings of Government Programs. These programs are state-specific, and help needy families and individuals with the cost of healthcare. We regularly update this database, which includes State-Sponsored Programs, Medicare Information, Medicaid Sites, State Health Insurance Assistance Program information, and Federal Poverty Level and Tax Return Request Form guidelines and information. If you are not having luck finding a PAP or co-pay program for your medication or particular disease, there may be a Government Program there to help.


State Sponsored Programs

Programs that are created, sponsored, or funded by a state, county or local government are considered State Sponsored Programs. These programs provide a variety of types of assistance ranging from medical care, financial assistance, health insurance, prescription assistance, assistance with medical supplies and much more. We list these programs on our website by state. Simply choose your state from the drop-down menu to see what is available. We currently have 938 programs listed across all 50 states and some US territories.


Medicare Information

Under our Government Programs listings we also have a page dedicated to Medicare information. Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people over the age of 65, along with people with certain disabilities and those suffering from end-stage renal disease. Medicare is broken down into four parts: Part A is hospital insurance; Part B is optional and covers outpatient hospital care and doctor’s services; Part C is a combination of Parts A and B also referred to as Medicare Advantage; and Part D Prescription Drug Coverage. In addition, we list a number of helpful websites that do a great job of explaining how Medicare works.


Medicaid Sites

Previously on the NeedyMeds Voice we told you All About Medicaid. Medicaid is a joint federal and state entitlement program that helps provide medical care to people with low-income. The program operates at the state level, so each state’s program is different. Under our Government Programs listings we include a page on Medicaid Sites. On this page simply choose your state and you will be taken directly to your state’s official Medicaid page.


State Health Insurance Assistance Program Sitescapitol

Commonly referred to as SHIP, the State Health Insurance Assistance Program is a federally funded program that provides free counseling and assistance on all aspects of Medicare (parts A,B,C,D) to people enrolled in or eligible for Medicare. Like Medicaid, we have previously discussed these services on the NeedyMeds Voice. These programs provide free telephone and in-person counseling sessions to educate Medicare recipients and their families about all things Medicare – including the benefits, and cases of fraud and abuse. Each state has its own name for the State Health Insurance Assistance Program. To find a program, simply head to the State Health Insurance Assistance Program page and select your state.


Federal Poverty Guidelines and Tax Return Request Forms

We list information on the Federal Poverty Guidelines (or FPL) and also Tax Return Request Forms. These resources are there to help people who are applying for a Patient Assistance Program, as many programs have an income requirement and ask for a copy of your tax return.

The Federal Poverty Guidelines page shows the breakdown of family size and income at 100% of the FPL, and also includes an easy to use FPL Income Calculator.

Since many programs have an income limit that is a certain percentage of the FPL, we also include a schedule showing various percentages of the FPL (100%, 133%, 150% etc.).
On the Tax Return Request Form page we have two downloadable PDFs available – Request for Copy of Tax Return and Request For Transcript of Tax Return. To get a copy of your tax return simply fill out the form and follow the mailing instructions.

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