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For today’s blog post we would like to share with our readers some fantastic online healthcare resources. There are many websites out there dedicated to healthcare, some great and some not-so-great. Here are four resources that the staff at NeedyMeds think you will find helpful.


Together Rx Access – Together Rx Access provides a number of different resources for patients and healthcare professionals alike. They have partnered with a number of the nation’s leading pharmaceutical companies to offer a free drug discount card program for those without prescription drug coverage. Furthermore, their website has extensive articles on the Affordable Care Act and healthcare reform as well as a “Better Health” section with articles and insights on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They also have an entire “Resources For Professionals” section with information for patient advocates and other healthcare professionals.420707_10150608413178932_1637613913_n


Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs – Consumer Reports is a non-profit organization dedicated to working for a “fair, just, and safe marketplace for all consumers and to empower consumers to protect themselves.” Their Best Buy Drugs site takes this mission statement and focuses on prescription medications. This includes in-depth details of the medications, their recommendations, and comparisons with other medications. NeedyMeds recently partnered with Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs, and we now display their medication information on our Patient Assistance Program listings.

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PsychCentral – PsychCentral is a website dedicated to mental health. Their site is run entirely by mental health professionals. They cover every mental health diagnosis with extensive discussion and insights into symptoms, causes, support groups and treatment options. They also have dozens of very informative and regularly updated blogs covering a wide range of topics. If you or someone you know has a question about mental health, PsychCentral should be the first place to turn on the web. PsychCentral


Treatment Diaries – Treatment Diaries is a new type of online community where people are able to share their experiences with different diseases and disorders anonymously. People are able to connect with one another and open up about their treatment or the treatment of a loved one. Finding someone to talk with about your illness can be difficult and oftentimes intimidating. Treatment Diaries makes it much easier to find someone in a similar situation, and the ability to remain anonymous creates a safe environment to share your story.

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  1. Nice choice of resources, and as Americans try to negotiate the options to be available in 2014 this will be even more useful. I expect more people to choose higher deductible plans and ways to become educated will be all the more important.

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