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  3. When Free Medicines Aren’t Free — September 14, 2016
  4. No News is Good News—Or is It? — April 21, 2016
  5. What you need to know before scheduling that Radiology Test — October 14, 2015

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Understanding Health Insurance


by Richard Sagall, M.D. Insurance is really a simple concept. But few people, and even fewer politicians, seem to understand how insurance works and why so many of the promises we hear are impossible. Here are the basic concepts of insurance:   Number 1 – You Never Win with Insurance – You always lose with …

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Pack Health: A New Resource for Personalized Support


Needymeds exists to help you get healthcare costs under control. We know you need additional resources to make sense of healthcare —  that’s the whole point of the NeedyMeds Voice. But what we don’t always talk about is the importance of finding your own voice. Do you ever find yourself with lingering questions? Do you …

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When Free Medicines Aren’t Free

You may have seen the ads claiming a company can help you get all your medications for free. These sites may claim there are “secret” programs run by pharmaceutical companies that provide medicines for free – and only these sites know how to access them. Other sites may claim “for a low monthly fee” they …

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No News is Good News—Or is It?


by Richard Sagall, MD This essay first appeared in Pediatrics for Parents ( Volume 30, issue 7-8   The doctor saw you or your child and ordered some tests. It may have been a blood panel, a check on urine, or perhaps an X-ray. As you leave the office the doctor says, “I’m sure all will be …

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What you need to know before scheduling that Radiology Test


A recent addition to the NeedyMeds website is the Radiology Imaging Centers database. As hopefully you read in our August edition of the Patient Assistance Newsletter, this new resource will help you search for facilities that offer the tests you need in your area. You can use the data to compare cash prices of over …

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