NeedyMeds Helpline: Connecting Patients In Need to Assistance

NeedyMeds’ mission has been to educate and empower those seeking affordable care for over 20 years. In order to reach people who don’t have access to the internet, the NeedyMeds Helpline is available to help those in need find resources for their healthcare costs. Our helpline representatives can connect you to programs and services that can help you to afford your medications and other healthcare costs.


NeedyMeds Helpline counselors will search for Patient Assistance Programs that provide prescriptions at low or no cost, nonprofit and government programs that can provide a wide variety of services based on diagnosis, and free/low-cost/sliding-scale clinics in your area. All of the resources listed on the NeedyMeds website can be referred through the helpline, as well as ordering NeedyMeds Drug Discount Cards and checking the price of prescriptions at your local pharmacy when using the card.


Last year our call center answered over 41,000 calls including 12,711 patients with Medicare Part D, 2250 uninsured patients, 350 Spanish-speaking callers, and 328 advocates calling for other patients. We referred callers to over 17,000 Patient Assistance Programs and checked the price for more than 3200 people using the NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card.


Please note NeedyMeds is not a patient assistance program, but rather a source of information on thousands of programs that may be able to offer assistance to people in need. NeedyMeds does not have an application, nor can we answer questions about individual assistance programs. We strive to provide accurate and current information, but ask that you contact specific programs we refer you to directly with questions.


For more help finding information, call our toll-free helpline Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Eastern Time at 1-800-503-6897.

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