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Health Savings News – Episode 3: Doing Your Own Research

This a transcript to episode 3 of Health Savings News. In the interest of making the podcast more accessible, we will post transcripts every two weeks as episodes release.

Evan (00:09):

Hello, and welcome to Health Savings News: the podcast about healthcare costs in America and how to save money on the often expensive care all kinds of people need. I’m your host, Evan O’Connor, joined by retired doctors, Rich Sagall and Mike Woods. Just to note, Rich is feeling under the weather this week so he may not speak that much, has a bit of a frog in his throat. Also, we did have some technical difficulties recording this episode. You will hear some minor sound artifacts, maybe some differences in the quality at different points. And, final note: this is the first episode we have recorded since launching the podcast, so we would like to thank everybody who’s listened so far. Some of the podcasts you’ve listened to in the past and will listen to in the future were recorded weeks if not months ago. We just want to keep these topics as evergreen as possible. This episode was recorded and

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